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Attentional focusing instructions influence force production and muscular activity during isokinetic elbow flexions.
The third session was conducted by emphasizing on the internal focus and focusing on the movement itself.
Successfully focusing on others is the prerequisite to the ability to be empathetic and to construct social associations.
To aid optical focusing some astrophotographers place a mask over the front of the telescope with two or more off axis holes.
Finally, they can assist students and colleagues with putting high-stakes accountability concerns into perspective by focusing on what education can do to help students be and become productive citizens in our democracy.
These can be turned into strategies by institutions intent on focusing on value.
Most of us are constantly focusing on what we want or what we are doing on the outside with little or no attention inside.
"We're now spending time focusing on cross-cultural negotiations, not just looking at different countries but also cultural differences between our own military services--changes made essential by the changing nature of war.
Participants (n=291) completed a survey consisting of course-related selected-response questions, questions adopted from the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ), and openended questions focusing on their study habits.
LEGISLATIVE WORKSHOP: Programme includes a special one-day pre-conference workshop focusing on the latest developments in US and EU fuel emissions legislation.
End consumer knowledge is best leveraged when the company has gone through the strategic process of focusing its product portfolio.