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The ability of a security to withstand greater or smaller demand without affecting the price. Deep securities tend to be highly liquid and can be bought or sold in large quantities without their prices greatly moving in either direction. Among the factors affecting depth is the minimum price increment at which trades can be made (the tick size), market transparency, and restrictions on trade due to a futures or option contract on the security.
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Used to refer to a security market's ability to absorb large security purchases or sales without significant price changes. A market's depth is an important consideration in selecting securities to trade and markets in which to trade. See also deep market.
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The distance between the front and the rear property line of a lot. Because local government rights-of-way for streets and sidewalks may exceed the actual width of the pavement, the lot depth may be less than the visible yard.

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The Urmieh-Sirjan province is struck by low to moderate earthquakes with low frequency, medium repeat time and down to 10Km focal depth. The intensity of earthquakes is in high levels in which there are cold igneous rocks.
--The water gap height h (h [less than or equal to] [h.sub.max]) was chosen taking into account the required focal depth [F.sub.2] ([F.sub.2] [less than or equal to] [F.sub.2max]);
Figure 3(a) shows that three-dimensional total electric field intensity distribution in the focal region of incident beam generates a focal depth of FWHM (22.08A) and that its corresponding two-dimensional intensity distribution at r = 0 is shown in Figure 3(b).
We set a focal depth of 30 km considering that almost all earthquakes (98.7%) are not more than 30 km deep (Figure 5) and we tried different values of [r.sub.0] and [t.sub.0] (Figure 6).
There is good agreement of instrumental magnitudes recorded by station NIE and macroseismic magnitudes calculated using the Karniks formula-confirming values of determined focal depths. Macroseismic parameters and magnitudes ML(NIE), ML(OJC) are given in Table 2.
The earthquake's epicentre was Liopetri, the announcement said, 10 km west of Paralimni and its focal depth was 50 km deep.
Where (D) is a function of epicentral distance in km, (h) is the focal depth in km, and ([alpha]) is a free parameter.
According to meteorological department, the intensity of earthquake was recorded 4.7 on Richter scale with focal depth of 15 kilometers.
The epicentre was in the marine area of Rhodes, 90 km south-east of the island, 320 km north-west of Paphos and 400 km west of Nicosia, and the focal depth was 50 km.
According to the Met Department, the earthquake measuring 5.1 magnitude on the Richter scale with focal depth 10 Kilometres and epicenter was China's Sichuan area, jolted Islamabad and adjourning areas early Wednesday morning at 08:22am.

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