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Free on board (FOB)

Implies that distribution services like transport and handling performed on goods up to the customs frontier (of the economy from which the goods are classed as merchandise) are included in the price.

Free On Board

In maritime international commerce, an agreement between a seller and a buyer indicating that the seller has fulfilled his/her obligation to deliver a good when he/she has transferred it to the ship on which it will be transported. All cost and risk transfers to the buyer when the good crosses the ship's rail. The buyer designates the ship onto which the seller must deliver the good. See also: United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, Incoterm.



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Shortly after the FOB mayor or BOS-I received initial guidance and had the follow-on enabler teams start deconstruction, additional questions about the best way forward were raised.
How should the FOB be prepared for eventual transfer to Afghan control while maintaining the necessary level of force protection?
If the FOB is nearing complete closure, then it's more practical to migrate services to a distant hub and prepare for a complete closure at that location.
Jim Handoush, CEO of Network FOB, is a highly sought after advisor.
No engineers, other than the sapper squad attached to the company, were needed to make the FOB livable.
The salesmen thought for a minute, then agreed that he would give me another key fob and some floor mats, free of charge.
From the book FOB Doc: A Doctor on the Front Lines in Afghanistan [c] 2009, by Captain Ray Wiss, M.
Recently the Mumbai Railway Passengers Association asked both Western and Central railways to repair and maintain all FOBs, including those built by the BMC.
Several people who had parked their cars in Cambridge Street on Saturday afternoon discovered they were unable to lock or unlock their cars using their electronic key fobs.
A source said: "No doubt the prisoner who ordered it thought a key fob would be easier to hide and perhaps would be ignored.
5 % moisture any Origin, (Euro/metric ton) FOB Rotterdam/Amsterdam Fob Rotterdam/Amsterdam Oct 10 405.