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While one of the floppy disks found by the astronaut contained Norton Utilities, the others bore NASA logos and had titles like, "Crew Personal Support Data Disk".
Recently, we have shifted our house Samanabad to Izmir Town, Lahore and sought out the old books and computer junk that I've been storing for a long time, when I found a box of floppy disks. I was filled with nostalgia.
TEST OF TIME A punt coin and, left, Jessica, Patrick and Conor with floppy disk
Computer retail chain PC World is dropping floppy disks from sale due to plummeting demand.
The company said only 2% of the PCs and laptops it sells at present include a floppy disk drive and confirmed these will be phased out by this summer.
It is no surprise, then, that sales of floppy disks in food, drug and discount stores (excluding Wal-Mart Stores Inc.) plunged 42% to $3.7 million during the 52 weeks ended December 3, according to Information Resources Inc.
When a floppy disk is used for data transfer, ULLS-G writes data to the floppy disk, the operator carries the disk to the SAMS-1 location, and SAMS-1 reads the disk and writes status information to it.
They are taught, for example, how to get a floppy disk out of the drive with the power off.
There are several cases of commercially distributed floppy disks and CD-ROMs spreading virus infections.
* Uses the information discovered to improve incident and problem resolution Where there is no network connection, such as a home-worker's PC, asset discovery can be expedited by creating an audit-collection floppy disk to pass to the user for a one-off audit that is saved to disk.
Floppy disk drives have been the most widely used method of transferring data between computers since the dawn of the computer age, but they soon may go the way of the dinosaur.