floating supply

Floating supply

The aggregate of securities believed to be available for immediate purchase, that is, in the hands of dealers and investors wanting to sell.

Floating Supply

The number of shares of a publicly-traded company available to trade. It is important to note that this may be different from the shares outstanding: some shareholders may buy and hold, reducing the size of the float. The size of a floating supply greatly affects a stock's volatility. If it is small, any number of activities could affect greatly its price, especially a single large order to buy or sell it. This would greatly alter the number of shares available to trade, creating too little or too much supply and, therefore, drive the price up or down. A large floating supply tends to have less volatility because large orders do not affect the supply as much. It is also called a float. See also: Technical condition of a market.

floating supply

See float.
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They were a massive floating supply base to start the liberation of Europe from the Nazi regime.
By relying primarily on floating supply depots, Navy amphibious assault ships can retain their supplies, freeing them up for use elsewhere if necessary, Sweetland said.
The floating supply overhang, consequence of a contango (i.
Electrical performance features consist of continuous Output current of up to 20 A with 40 A peak pulses, a floating supply that allows unlimited on-time for the high-side IGBTs or FETs for driving a dc signal with a grounded load, compatibility with PWM frequencies of up to 50 kHz, and a sleep mode for reduced power consumption and implementation of safety circuits via common shut-down inputs.