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1. A trader who buys stock and quickly sells it for a profit. A flipper may be a day trader, buying and selling on a constant basis, or a (slightly) more long-term trader, holding for a day or two. Flipping is a high risk venture because a slight decline in share prices in the short term can severely hurt the flippers positions. On the other hand, a slight uptick can result in enormous profit.

2. An investor who buys real estate, usually a house, makes a few improvements, and sells it at a higher price. Colloquially, flippers are thought to buy the house, "slap a coat of paint on it," and re-sell for a large profit. Flippers were common even among casual investors during the housing bubble of the early and mid-2000s.


A trader who attempts to make a small profit by very quick in-and-out buying and selling. For example, a flipper might try to take advantage of a hot market for new issues by purchasing a new issue at the offering and then selling it on the first day of trading.
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That makes it fairly easy for flippers to raise money from friends and family.
Members of the Mad City Flippers come from a cross section of professions and include Todd McIlwee, 42, who manages the Waun-A-Bowl, a 16-lane bowling alley attached to a Pizza Hut in Waunakee.
Mike Meyer, from the SAWDN, said: "Its flipper was still attached to rock lobster traps on the seabed, which had the whale trapped."
In order to study them, he needed something more durable (and less pungent) than rotting slabs of flipper. At first, he thought he could make a cast.
MEETING OF MINDS Sting with Ric O'Barry, former trainer for the 1960s Flipper TV series and star of Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, in Tokyo
The carrier notifies Diligent coverage has been bound, and Diligent sends Flipper an insurance binder as proof of coverage until the policy issues.
Made with 100% Pollock fillet, Young's Flipper Dippers are rich in Omega 3.
His self-proclaimed, rags-to-riches story as a real estate investor, or "house flipper", is truly compelling, and his charm and charisma are enough to almost immediately convince you to get off the couch after watching his show and go flip a house all by yourself.
Texas historian Robinson investigates whether race was a key issue in the trial and dismissal of Second Lieutenant Flipper (1856-1940), or became attached to the case to serve a later political and social agenda.
Allison the sea turtle, a likely shark attack victim, may be the first of her kind to receive a prosthetic flipper, says the Washington Post.
Designed to improve the ease of access to both sides of a window sash, the Window Sash Flipper conveys the window sash into the flipper station where it is rotated 180[degrees].