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1. A trader who buys stock and quickly sells it for a profit. A flipper may be a day trader, buying and selling on a constant basis, or a (slightly) more long-term trader, holding for a day or two. Flipping is a high risk venture because a slight decline in share prices in the short term can severely hurt the flippers positions. On the other hand, a slight uptick can result in enormous profit.

2. An investor who buys real estate, usually a house, makes a few improvements, and sells it at a higher price. Colloquially, flippers are thought to buy the house, "slap a coat of paint on it," and re-sell for a large profit. Flippers were common even among casual investors during the housing bubble of the early and mid-2000s.


A trader who attempts to make a small profit by very quick in-and-out buying and selling. For example, a flipper might try to take advantage of a hot market for new issues by purchasing a new issue at the offering and then selling it on the first day of trading.
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Craig Keatley is the man spotted walking around Manchester in flippers, inset
Blomquist: While flippers appear to still be behaving rationally in most markets, too much flipping is still unhealthy for a market, and we are starting to see an increasing number of markets that are reaching new highs for flipping rates or hitting nine- or 10-year highs for flipping rates, which is an indication that those markets are at risk for overheating given the disproportionate share of home flips.
Fish and Watts had a simple model that explained some aspects of flipper performance.
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Dancing highlights include robbing banks for The Clash's Bankrobber and Ruby Flipper improvising a forward-roll routine in front of some TVs for David Bowie's TVC 15.
For the last couple of years I thought 'I want to get this flipper back' and at the moment the shoulder is feeling really strong and I am fit.
Flipper was spotted sitting on a rockery in a Llandudno garden more than 13 months after he vanished.
Why would Flipper wear a soft sponge on its rostrum?
It is usually done with the flipper never actually taking title or possession of the property.
The spin flipper reverses the direction of the neutron spin on successive beam pulses according to an 8-step [+ - - + - + + -] reversal pattern, which cancels systematic drifts of detector efficiencies and electronic gains to 2nd order.
Lee's next release, Jungle Fever (1991), centers on an adulterous relationship between Flipper Purify, a black architect, and Angela Tucci, his white secretary, and continues the filmmaker's exploration of themes that emerge in his earlier work.