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To buy low and sell high in a fairly short period of time;sometimes associated with predatory practices such as securing an option on property about to be foreclosed and then exercising that option only if able to find a purchaser who will pay enough to generate a profit. In the meantime,the consumer cannot sell to anyone else.

• Condo flipping is accomplished through buying reservation rights in condos to be built in the future, and then selling those rights, not the actual condo, shortly before project completion. There are many Web sites devoted to nationwide markets for condo flipping.

• House flipping usually refers to the practice of buying a home at a price substantially below market because of the need for repairs and then making the renovations and selling in a short period of time, at a substantial profit. Acquisition and renovation is typically financed with a mortgage note due in six months. The practice is risky for those unfamiliar with construction, because delays can be catastrophic.

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