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To buy low and sell high in a fairly short period of time;sometimes associated with predatory practices such as securing an option on property about to be foreclosed and then exercising that option only if able to find a purchaser who will pay enough to generate a profit. In the meantime,the consumer cannot sell to anyone else.

• Condo flipping is accomplished through buying reservation rights in condos to be built in the future, and then selling those rights, not the actual condo, shortly before project completion. There are many Web sites devoted to nationwide markets for condo flipping.

• House flipping usually refers to the practice of buying a home at a price substantially below market because of the need for repairs and then making the renovations and selling in a short period of time, at a substantial profit. Acquisition and renovation is typically financed with a mortgage note due in six months. The practice is risky for those unfamiliar with construction, because delays can be catastrophic.

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The events of the day, in combination with the twins, if not with the flip, had made Mrs.
Chickenstalker's notion of a little flip did honour to her character.
He wore a rose in his button-hole; he gave the French salutation--two flips of the hand in front of the face; he called Paris Pairree in ordinary English conversation; he carried envelopes bearing foreign postmarks protruding from his breast-pocket; he cultivated a moustache and imperial, and did what else he could to suggest to the beholder his pet fancy that he resembled Louis Napoleon--and in a spirit of thankfulness which is entirely unaccountable, considering the slim foundation there was for it, he praised his Maker that he was as he was, and went on enjoying his little life just the same as if he really had been deliberately designed and erected by the great Architect of the Universe.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-September 20, 2010-iGo announces partnership with with Cisco's Flip Video and Designed for Flip Accessory Program(C)1995-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
VC Flip Books takes a short video with their mobile flip book studio, or sent in by the client, and then turns them into a series of pictures to create an animated flip book.
Owner Emily Jack, eight, said: "We already had six hens, and Flip showed no interest in any of them.
In large metro areas with at least 1 million in population that also had at least 25 single-family homes flipped in the first quarter, the markets with the highest share of flips were New York (10.
Investors averaged a gross profit of $75,990 per flip, a 36 percent gross return on the initial investment--not including rehab costs and other expenses.
This report examines the market for flip chip ICs, and the lithography and wet etch tools used in their manufacture.
Moran flips Flint - flip - - flip as the pounds Flip chart Alistair Darling - four flips Hazel Blears - three flips Margaret Moran - three flips Caroline Flint - one flip Gordon Brown - one flip Geoff Hoon - one flip
Solder bumps are more convenient if the flip chip is to be attached to the assembly at the same time as other surface-mount components.
Spin torque offers a way to circumvent flaws of conventional MRAM designs, in which currents in pairs of crisscrossing wires generate magnetic fields to flip bits.