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SSDs are still more expensive than hard drives, though flash price is coming down fast.
A 128GB iPhone 6 will solidify Apple's hold on top of the global smartphone food chain and Kuo expects the variant to become immediately available "as Apple has strong bargaining power on NAND Flash price.
33 per share, due chiefly to a 20% surge in NOR Flash price and strong demands for its other niche memory chips.
NAND flash price fluctuations in the second quarter also eroded Adata's profitability in the second quarter.
WITH regard to Gemma Steele letter, "I've been Tango'd" (Mail, March 24), you are within your rights to report the vendor to the trading standards if they are charging more for a product than the flash price.
It is seen to be an amazing accomplishment amidst tough business environment of global economic recession and rise in NAND flash price.
Flash Reseller Offers MONTH July 2017 515 1% [up arrow] July 2016 511 12 MONTHS July 2017 5,907 -8% [down arrow] July 2016 6,449 FLASH SITES COMPARED FOR JULY Flash Reseller Number of Average Average Visits * Domestic Flash Price Discount Offers (750ml) CellarThief 23 $29.
The Flash Report Flash Offers Fall Again Flash Reseller Offers MONTH June 2017 357 -17% June 2016 429 12 MONTHS June 2017 5,903 -9% June 2016 6,505 FLASH SITES COMPARED FOR JUNE Flash Reseller Number of Average Average Visits * Domestic Flash Price Discount Offers (750ml) CellarThief 20 $30.
Absent the effects of the fourth quarter inventory write-down, the NAND Flash price adjustments and second quarter goodwill write-off, net loss would have been $209 million, or $0.
Offers for wines from Napa County wineries with a flash price of less than [dollar]30 fell 16% from 1,491 to 1,259.
The site with the lowest flash price is WineShopper at $16.
FLASH DISCOUNTS FOR A SAMPLE OF CALIFORNIA CHARD0NNAYS OFFERED IN DECEMBER Discount Winery Region/Vineyard 13% Mer Soleil California 22% Ramey Wine Cellars Russian River Valley 34% Peter Michael Winery 35% Miner Family Winery Napa Valley 35% Rodney Strong Wine Estates Chalk Hill 37% Hanzell Vineyards Sonoma Valley 41% Raymond Vineyards California 50% Etude Wines Cameras Discount Vintage Winery Flash Price Winery Size Retail (Cases) 13% 2014 $32.