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Other bylaw changes approved were a provision for priority development sites and a change in regulations for flag lots.
Flag lots are lots with at least five acres, but only 50 feet of frontage - not normally enough to build a house on.
A flag lot is, as it sounds, shaped like a flag, with the driveway headed down like a flag pole.
Driveways that serve a single flag lot must be a minimum of 15 feet wide, while shared driveways must be 25 feet wide.
I live on a flag lot and bought a heavy wrought iron safe mail box and had it cemented in front of my electric gate.
EmX update, 541-682-5343, residential flag lots, 541-682-5561.
By using a number of pipestem or flag lots, the builder was able to create numerous cul-de-sacs (which his research showed young families preferred) on curvilinear streets.
There's nothing in the (community standards district) or county zoning ordinances that forbids flag lots,'' he said.