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Ghaem smart bomb, which was unveiled for the first time during the ceremony, is capable of destroying mobile and fixed targets, Iran's defense minister said.
He said the RCB has fixed targets for the contractor as well.
He said IESCO would continue its efforts against electricity theft and also fixed targets for January-2018.
The pulses production targets were remained slightly bellow the fixed targets during the last season and government has devised a comprehensive plane to improve their production by introducing the high yield varieties in the country.
The Provincial Minister said that Khidmat Cards Scheme of Punjab Social Protection Authority, Khadim e Punjab Zewar Taleem Programme, Education and Training of Children, Financial Assistance for Klin Laborers for eradication of bonded labour, Vocational Training for deserving youth and provision of interest free loans are such revolutionary programs of Punjab Government as will not only play an important role in eliminating poverty from the country but will also be helpful in achieving the fixed targets of growth strategy of the province.
According to Captain Jaime Engdahl, US Navy precision strike weapons programme manager: "The preferred weapon for (the US Navy) is currently the Laser JDAM because of the flexibility to employ either a precision GPS guided weapon through the weather against fixed targets or laser-guided (weapons) against high speed moving targets.
The DLEM 20 measures fixed targets and moving targets at up to 25 Hz.
These terrorist tried to attack government forces in the Old Aleppo city from air force academy buildings, but the heavy attacks of the Syrian warplanes and artillery units have made them fixed targets without any movement," they added.
inert warheads, fitted with Dual Mode Plus guidance kits, impacted fixed targets well within operational performance requirements.
At this age, the members get into their first military course called acombat literacy,' in which teens recognize the principles knowledge of the weapon, and how to shoot at fixed targets.
As a result, every student learns to not merely tread on the beaten path but to reinvent himself and explore newer routes; not to attain the fixed targets merely, but to set newer ones.
Fixed targets, for example, cannot be protected no matter how much time elapses.