security interest

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Security interest

The creditor's right to take property or a portion of property offered as security.

Security Interest

A creditor's legal right to take possession of certain property offered as security or collateral. For example, in a margin account, the brokerage making the margin loan may require its client to deposit some or all of the borrowed securities with the brokerage. The right of the brokerage to demand that is its security interest.

security interest

Rights in property, voluntarily granted by a borrower to a lender, so that the property may serve as collateral for a loan and be subject to seizure and sale in the event of default.

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Graham Oldfield is now the only RICS RPR and Fellow of the Association of Property and Fixed Charge Receivers (NARA) based north of Leeds and Manchester.
Mr Titchen went on: 'The Brumark decision does not outlaw fixed charges on book debts.
During the subsequent period of 28 days, payment is accepted at the fixed charge plus 50 per cent.
The fixed charges are 60% lower than ordinary charges or 10 yen for three minutes.
In the first six months of this year, some 88,000 summonses for fixed charge offences were listed in courts across the country, with a further 31,000 due to be sent to the courts by gardai.