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The methodology adopted for the bidding is fixed bid system where the bidder quotes in Rs.
According to a Bloomberg report, the Monet attracted four telephone bidders, in addition to a fixed bid from a third-party guarantor.
Large Fixed Bid ERP Contracts (SAP, Oracle): Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence, Quality Consulting, Application Development and Outsourcing Fixed Bid Contracts.
Portal Resources Ltd (TSX-V: PDO) (Portal) has announced that Bigwave Joint Venture (JV), in which it holds a 22% interest, is close to finalising fixed bid price quotes for frac stimulation and completion of the JV's first horizontal well at its central Alberta project.
Anselmo has successfully built a unique outsource consulting model that enables customers to leverage the budgeting predictability and efficiency of a fixed bid or blended (fixed and T&M) basis.
They reckon that he or she may be willing to accept a fixed bid BEFORE the manuscript goes to auction.
The result of this tender is the conclusion of a framework contract with a framework contractor for a period of 36 months for the delivery of 2 620 mm and 1 600 mm luminaires in accordance with the specifications at fixed bid prices.
If I had been doing it with a fixed bid, 20% gross profit wouldn't give me wiggle room to cover unseen contingencies.
This contract shall remain in force and effect with firm fixed bid prices for a period of one (1) year, beginning the date of award of contract.
Term of contract shall remain in full force and effect with firm fixed bid prices for a period of twelve (12) months.