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Surgical retrieval of fish hook was planned and turtle was surgically prepared.
But here the art of the islands takes on another dimension, since these are the fish hooks used to hunt for large and small fish, bound with natural fibres and set into carved wood mounts of different sizes.
The Folding Diamond Rat Tail Tapered Diamond Sharpening Rod sharpens regular and serrated blades, fish hooks, gut hooks and many tools.
Though the slow-moving, sofa-size West Indian manatee has no natural enemies, humans--with fast boats, fish hooks, and canal locks--have pushed the docile creature to the brink of extinction.
The cat uses its long claws as fish hooks to try to nab a meal.
On the subject of fish hooks - a skipper's most frequent first-aid challenge after seasickness - if one is lodged in a sensitive place, like around an eye, Helgren's skippers won't try to extract it.
He had been sent out with three fish hooks and told to live off the land.
Other manatees die when they get trapped in canals or eat fish hooks or litter.
An enthusiastic response met the question, so the counselor reached into his pack and pulled out some monofilament line and fish hooks.