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The post EU finance ministers call for prudent fiscal policy appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Thus far, the Modi government has displayed strong commitment to fiscal discipline and avoided the use of fiscal policy to push growth up.
Fiscal Policy in Emerging Countries: When It Rains, It Pours
We ask whether decentralised fiscal policy in a monetary union of nations of very different size can lead to sub-optimal monetary policy for the junior partner.
2011) and the CBO (2013a) have divided fiscal policy into structural and temporary/cyclical components.
Summing up, in a monetary union, fiscal policy is the only demand policy aimed to achieve the stabilization goal.
Since 2000 the surplus target for the net lending of the general government sector has been a central element of Sweden's fiscal policy framework.
By June, Abe is eager to finalize the basic fiscal policy which could include a plan to put Japan on a path toward fiscal restoration, the sources said.
monetary and fiscal policy reaction functions and institutions to study their impact on business cycle fluctuations.
To determine the nature of the fiscal policy should be excluded from the actual budget balance, the cyclical component of the budget (which is influenced by the phases of the business cycle), thus causing structural budget balance (or cyclically adjusted).
The yield on the benchmark 10-year Japanese government bond rose Tuesday as traders shunned active bond buying amid uncertainty about the course of Japan's fiscal policy ahead of the Democratic Party of Japan's presidential election next week.
But events in Greece also carry some significant lessons for countries across the globe -- namely, the importance of sound, sensible fiscal policy - in good times as well as in bad.

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