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Three months of a year, often abbreviated as "Q." Q1 is January, February, and March; Q2 is April, May, and June; and so forth. Publicly traded companies must report on their earnings and other business performance measures every three months. Analysts also use quarters to measure performance internally. For example, one might compare sales in Q1 of 2009 to those in Q1 of 2008 to measure the company's health without having to account for seasonal variance. Often, quarters are abbreviated along with the calendar year; for example, the second quarter of 2006 is expressed as Q2 2006 or Q2/06.


1. One quarter of a point. For bond quotes, a quarter represents one quarter of 1% of par, or $2.50. Thus, a bond quoted at 91 2/4 is being offered for $917.50.
2. A 3-month period that represents 25% of a fiscal year.


The financial world splits up its calendar into four quarters, each three months long.

If January to March is the first quarter, April to June is the second quarter, and so on, though a company's first quarter does not have to begin in January.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires all publicly held US companies to publish a quarterly report, officially known as Form 10-Q, describing their financial results for the quarter. These reports and the predictions that market analysts make about them often have an impact on a company's stock price.

For example, if analysts predict that a certain company will have earnings of 55 cents a share in a quarter, and the results beat those expectations, the price of the company's stock may increase. But if the earnings are less than expected, even by a penny or two, the stock price may drop, at least for a time.

However, this pattern doesn't always hold true, and other forces may influence investor sentiment about the stock.


One-fourth of a year. For 2007, January, February, and March would be written as 1Q07; April,May,and June would be 2Q07,and so on.

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During the first quarter of 2006, the Company acquired, including through co-investments with its joint venture partners, four shopping centers; three buildings adjacent to shopping centers owned by the company; and one land parcel.
The group consists of eight properties in this year's first quarter compared with seven in last year's first quarter, as South Coast opened in late December 2005.
Within services, weather conditions held down growth of real outlays for energy services in the first quarter and boosted them in the second.
Williams noted that the previous best was the 270 sales recorded in the first quarter of 1988.
Lofts commanded an average price of $887 per s/f in the first quarter, a 28% improvement from a year ago.
In the nonresidential construction area, real investment continued to expand in the first quarter.
Income before taxes in the first quarter of 1994 decreased to NIS 4,865,000 ($1,639,000) as compared to NIS 5,059,000 ($1,704,000) in the first quarter of 1993.
Though Westchester seemed able to overcome most of the difficulties that led to the performance of the first quarter, one major issue remained as of the end of June--the falloff in relocations.
76,166 thousand for the first quarter of 1994, compared to a loss of NP.
All told, real consumer spending fell at a 1 1/2 percent annual rate in the first quarter, after a 3 1/2 percent (annual rate) decline in the fourth quarter of 1990.
The Company's unaudited condensed consolidated financial statements for the first quarter ended March 31, 2006 have been prepared in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America, which contemplate continuation of the Company as a going concern.