first coupon

First Coupon

The date on which a bond makes its first interest payment to bondholders. The first coupon date sometimes occurs at an irregular time; that is, if the bond pays coupons every six months, the first coupon may be longer or shorter than six months. See also: Long coupon, Short coupon, Grace period.

first coupon (F/C)

The date on which a bond's initial interest payment will be made by the issuer.
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Just as with the first Coupon Matter survey in 2013, slightly more than half were inspired to shop because they received a deal.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 28, 2012--Russian SMP Bank sets first coupon for RUB3bn bonds at 10.25%(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The rate of return on the first coupon is expected to be at its floor of 11 per cent per annum.
The first coupon offers $5 off a purchase of $25 or more at the Smart & Final supermarket chain.
The first coupon will be in next week - so hang on to your cards.
As announced earlier, the guidance for the first coupon rate is between 9.20% and 9.70% a year, equal to a yield between 9.41% and 9.33% to a one-year offer.
When Sviaz-Bank opened the book for the issue on 8 February before it postponed the sale, the guidance for the first coupon rate was 9-9.25%, which corresponded to an yield of 9.2-9.46% to a one-year offer.
The guidance for the first coupon rate has been set at 8.4-8.6%, equal to an annual yield of 8.58-8.78% to a three-year offer.

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