first coupon

First Coupon

The date on which a bond makes its first interest payment to bondholders. The first coupon date sometimes occurs at an irregular time; that is, if the bond pays coupons every six months, the first coupon may be longer or shorter than six months. See also: Long coupon, Short coupon, Grace period.

first coupon (F/C)

The date on which a bond's initial interest payment will be made by the issuer.
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Just as with the first Coupon Matter survey in 2013, slightly more than half were inspired to shop because they received a deal.
its state registration: Reporting (coupon) period First coupon period
com, the world's largest grocery savings site in the world, announces their very first coupon which provides more ways to save money and time on grocery shopping.
The rate of return on the first coupon is expected to be at its floor of 11 per cent per annum.
The first coupon was ceremoniously handed out to several police explorers, including 15-year-old Vanessa Perplies.
The first coupon will be in next week - so hang on to your cards.
The first coupon rate is expected to be within the range of 10.
First coupon rate, indicated in applications, was in the range of 10.
The PATS will be issued in a fixed rate mode to the first coupon reset date (Oct.
On July 10, 2014 a tender was held on the MICEX stock exchange in order to determine the first coupon rate of the Samara Region Government Series 35010 Bonds with a fixed coupon yield and debt amortization (government registration number RU35010SAM0) worth RUB 12 bln.
The first coupon book will be launched in Brandon, Florida.

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