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1: Customer's gun hand firmly grasps the frame, trigger finger is straight and above the triggerguard, while the support hand firmly grasps slide with thumb forward.
But now the dust has settled and we've begun to get our heads around the situation, we're ready to get back down the business of making sure we keep things firmly on track.
The third is that, firmly relying on the people, our Party carried out a great new revolution of reform and opening up, creating, upholding, and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics," Jintao said.
Emma Johnstone, marketing manager at the Red Dragon Centre, added: "The increasing popularity of the series has put Cardiff Bay firmly on the list of tourist attractions in Cardiff.
With his feet firmly attached to the bottom of his fat little body, "Opus" must waddle about from side to side in order to move.
I do not believed that in a pluralistic society, no matter how important our own moral values are, no matter how firmly we hold to them and no matter how they regulate every aspect of our lives, we can permit this Legislature to enact the moral values of anybody, no matter how firmly they are held.
states that binocular vision "almost certainly was a predatory adaptation" that puts us binocular hominids firmly among predators, while our dentition firmly disputes this.
Attached firmly to these buzz terms are a potpourri of gadgets that are supposedly needed for their proper administration and execution.
regulatory authorities it will recall about 400,000 vehicles spanning four models to fix sensors for detecting the angle of rotating crankshafts and firmly set interior console boxes, company officials said Wednesday.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that "Confirmation perfects baptismal grace; it is the sacrament that gives the Holy Spirit in order to root us more deeply in the divine filiation, it incorporates us more firmly into Christ, it strengthens our bond with the church, it associates us more closely with her mission, and it helps us bear witness to the Christian faith in words accompanied by deeds.
Look at the photo of Matt's grip, Hate how the base and palm of the hand press firmly against the left side of the pistol's grip.
Its CEO, Lee Raymond, is firmly opposed to the idea that fossil fuels cause global warming, and to proposals in Congress to cap emissions.