firm order

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Firm order

In the context of general equities, (1) order to buy or sell for the proprietary account of the broker-dealer firm; (2) buy or sell order not conditional upon the customer's confirmation.

Firm Order

1. An order to a broker to buy or sell a security, where the order is not dependent on later confirmation by the client. Rather, the client makes the order and the broker fills it.

2. An order made by a broker-dealer itself rather than an individual investor or other client of the broker-dealer.

firm order

1. An investor's order to buy or sell that is not conditional on any additional instruction.
2. An order placed on behalf of a broker-dealer firm rather than on behalf of the firm's client.
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The firm orders will be included in Embraer's 2015 second-quarter backlog.
Note: Deliveries and firm order backlog include orders for the Defense segment placed by
In the executive aviation segment, the quarter highlights were the first deliveries of the Legacy 500 and the additional request from NetJets, which converted 10 Phenom 300 options into firm orders.
The conditional purchase agreements for five CRJ900 NextGen aircraft, with options on an additional eight CRJ900 NextGen aircraft, were announced on December 2, 2013, along with a firm order for three CRJ900 NextGen airliners.
Bombardier added that it has recorded firm orders for 1,715 CRJ Series aircraft, with 1,661 delivered as of 31 December 2011.
The agreement with Bombardier includes firm orders for 15 CRJ-200 50-seat aircraft and 30 CRJ-700 Series 705 aircraft, with a dual-class cabin configuration of nine business class and 65 economy seats.
Another highlight of the quarter was the firm order for 15 E-Jets, comprising the E170 and E190 models, signed with Japan Airlines (JAL).
The conditional deal to acquire five CRJ900 NextGen aircraft, with options on a further eight CRJ900 NextGen aircraft, were announced on 2nd December, 2013, along with a firm order for three CRJ900 NextGen aircraft.
Bombardier Aerospace, an aircraft manufacturer, on Wednesday announced that Braathens Leasing Limited, a member of Braathens Aviation of Sweden, has placed a firm order for five Bombardier CS100 and five CS300 mainline jetliners.
Seaspan also announced that, in addition to the firm order for the initial four 2500 TEU vessels, the company has the option to order an additional eight 2500 TEU vessels, in two tranches of four vessels each, for the same price as the initial four.
The firm order is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of this year, when the aircraft will be added to the company's backlog.
On June 30, 2014, the firm order backlog totaled USD 18.