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9, which has been mentioned in the Jacket of the Fire Insurance Policy, let me elaborate that if there would have been any Loss or Damage to the Subject-matter of Insurance with in an Insured Premises/Bldg.
Caption: Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Abilene, Texas
Alike Loss or Damage would be deemed covered within the purview of the Fire Insurance Policy, irrespective of the fact whether the Riot And Strike would have been due to a Strike or Lock-out or not.
John Barry, a broker with Transwestern, represented National Liability & Fire Insurance in the lease expansion.
It begins with the first fire insurance company in North America, the Philadelphia Contribution-ship, which when formed in 1752 followed pre-modern underwriting practices, to Tebeau's amazement, (61) but entirely in keeping with business practices as a whole during the eighteenth century, even in Franklin's town.
The Tokyo Marine & Fire Insurance Co acquired Skandia Japan for approximately SEK1.
The company will offer services such as fire insurance to Japanese and foreign firms in China -- a business it has been seeking to start since setting up a representative office in Beijing in 1981.
Mutual Assurance, one of four companies now comprising the Green Tree Group, was founded for homeowners who wanted to keep their trees and their fire insurance.
Contract award notice: Extensive fire insurance mbo rijnland (roc id college & Roc leiden) (
When this Endorsement is attached to a Fire Insurance Policy, it will be deemed to form part of the same Policy as if it had been written or printed thereon, eversince the date of the inception of the Policy.
is an association of three Vermont-based co-operative fire-insurance companies: the Patrons Co-operative Fire Insurance Company, the Farmers Co-operative Fire Insurance Company, and the Rural Co-operative Fire Insurance Company.