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In the same period, police have issued 680 fines to people for being drunk, wasting police time and antisocial behaviour.
162(f) expressly prohibits a deduction for "any fine or similar penalty paid to a government for the violation of any law." (18) Attorneys' fees incurred in defending against the imposition of fines or penalties have also been held to be nondeductible, on the theory that they are tainted by the nature of the litigation.
The ban was instigated because the fines were being pointed to as the cause of hydrogen sulfide odors at some landfills.
They were among a number of fines dodgers who were forced to settle their fines after officers took enforcement action.
More than 550 fines were imposed at the court in 2018/2019 totalling PS271,000.
With our national dedicated team of fines enforcement officers, non-payment of a fine or non-engagement is simply not an option."
According to the proposed amendments, there will be increases fines for various violations, like, for example, increasing the fine for smoking restriction violations from EUR 15 to EUR 100.
The Supreme Court also upheld expressly the orders passed by trial courts regarding payment of fine, forfeiture of assets and properties and the sentence of imprisonment in default of payment of fines.
This is how the Agriculture Ministry, led by Gabriela Matena (the Slovak National Party), has threatened retail chains that fail to pay for their flaws under the new rules, the Sme daily reported.The fines are imposed by the State Veterinary and Food Administration (SVPS).
Following are the names and fines provided by Kreidler's office:
If the rider refuses to take an alcohol breath test, they may face a fine of NT$2,400.