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The process or means of acquiring capital necessary to conduct a business activity. Two of the most common forms of financing are debt financing and equity financing. In debt financing, one borrows money, usually from an institution, with the promise to return the money with interest at some point in the future. This provides capital to the borrower and a profit to the lender. In equity financing, a company sells portions of ownership to those who are interested. Unlike debt financing, equity financing usually raises capital without incurring liabilities, but the risk exists that the company will not raise enough. An alternative to both debt financing and equity financing, especially for start-ups, is using money from personal savings to pay for activities.


Borrowing money to buy property. See leverage.

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By expanding our service and financing alternatives, MRG has significantly increased its client base and now posts record mortgage loan production year after year.
5 million square-foot suburban Houston office complex; secured debt financings for REITs including TriNet, First Washington and Kranzco Realty Trust; and credit facility commitments for public and private real estate operating companies.
The medical properties real estate unit also doubled its volume -- committing and arranging approximately $300 million in financing for several leading medical office building developers and related hospital systems.
Our comfort with this industry is evidenced by our consistent willingness to provide and hold significant financing commitments, as in the U.
Diomed now has 59,850,547 common share equivalents outstanding, following this financing and the restructuring detailed below in this press release.
We are generating sufficient cash to satisfy our operating requirements, and we are making progress in our efforts to deal with our maturing obligations as evidenced by the completion of several financing transactions," said Bill Sheriff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.
Proceeds of the financing will support the construction and operation of the Rio Polimeros project, an integrated ethylene and polyethylene production complex, located 30 km north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Increasing demand for facilities, sector competition, better understanding of the benefits of tax-exempt financing, and greater market acceptance of nonprofit corporation credits have made tax-exempt financing practical for all types of nonprofit corporations, from established institutions with substantial financial resources to small, even start-up, non-profits without previously established credit.
The Company is required to have sold to UCF and have outstanding a minimum of $200,000 in accounts receivable through the life of the financing.
If Pemopro is unable to raise deferred financing and thus unable to meet specified construction milestones, contractor default would occur and the contract would be terminated.
The completion of the financing proposal is also subject to shareholder approval of the financing proposal as well as certain amendments to ICO's bye-laws that are necessary for the implementation of the financing proposal.
BUSINESS WIRE)--April 22, 1998--Techniclone Corporation (NASDAQ:TCLN) today announced that the Company has interim funding commitments aggregating $4,325,000 and has received a total of $1,075,000 in combined equity and debt financing from the initial closure of these interim financing commitments.