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The process or means of acquiring capital necessary to conduct a business activity. Two of the most common forms of financing are debt financing and equity financing. In debt financing, one borrows money, usually from an institution, with the promise to return the money with interest at some point in the future. This provides capital to the borrower and a profit to the lender. In equity financing, a company sells portions of ownership to those who are interested. Unlike debt financing, equity financing usually raises capital without incurring liabilities, but the risk exists that the company will not raise enough. An alternative to both debt financing and equity financing, especially for start-ups, is using money from personal savings to pay for activities.


Borrowing money to buy property. See leverage.

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Bassuk, who also arranged a forward commitment on permanent financing for the project from Helaba, said, "This cutting edge financing is the first time a commercial bank has agreed to provide permanent financing on such advantageous terms and is a very positive development for project owners.
They were best in show," says Jeff Davis, president of SCO Financial Group, a New York boutique investment bank that specializes in life-sciences companies and agented Bioenvision's PIPE financings.
These rules should be distinguished from the more general rule that a structure with multiple unrelated IE's may be a financing arrangement if each of the entities qualifies as a conduit under the usual rules.
The Singer & Bassuk Organization (SBO) specializes in providing construction and permanent financing for real estate projects for our clients.
The second party is an "intermediate entity," which receives funds from the financing entity and then lends funds to the third party, a U.
While we enter 2006 in an atmosphere of climbing interest rates, a decline in 80/20 project possibilities and the exhaustion of the popular Liberty bond program, we still believe that 2006 will be an enormously good year and that developers will enjoy a wealth of financing options.
Permanent financing in the amount of $10o5 million was arranged in a transaction where the loan proceeds were used to refinance and prepay an existing loan.
Dealing with these changed circumstances, SBO has required seller/servicers with Freddie Mac and DUS lenders with Fannie Mac to compete for the right to represent an owner seeking permanent financing for a project--an unprecedented event.