financial supermarket

Financial supermarket

A company offering a wide variety of financial services such as a combination of banking services, investment services, and insurance brokerage.
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Financial Supermarket

A financial institution that offers a wide variety of services to clients. For example, a financial supermarket may serve as a broker, insurance company, and real estate agent. Some financial supermarkets may even offer services approximating banking services. This is both convenient for the client and profitable for the supermarket. Financial supermarkets are made possible largely through deregulation.
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financial supermarket

A financial services company that offers customers a wide variety of financial products, generally including insurance, stocks, bonds, real estate services, and annuities. Financial supermarkets are convenient but may not offer the best deals on each of the financial products they sell.
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By aggregating internal and third-party offerings, banks are creating a 'financial supermarket' that offers customers easy, one-stop access to a wide range of products and services, allowing them to address multiple financial needs through a single, integrated channel.
Asian financial supermarket GoBear has announced USD 80 million in funding furnished by Walvis Participaties, a Dutch venture capital fund, and Aegon N.V, a leading financial services provider, the company said.
While the financial supermarket is offering a three month banking without charges value proposition to SMEs and business owners, its FCMB Millionaire Promo has been directed at the unbanked and underbanked among the public, to develop a savings culture, a way to drive the financial inclusion objectives of the Central Bank of Nigeria.
With telco and financial technology companies trying to position financial products and win customer loyalty on one hand, and tech giants emerging as 'one stop shop' financial supermarket providers on the other side, have a major challenge ahead to either disrupt or be disrupted.
'I want us to be known as a financial supermarket,' said Gonzales.
In the meanwhile, by setting up New Cultural Center and PKU Healthcare Management Center in communities, PKU Resources Group will provide property projects with cultural, medical and financial related space and services such as, PKU lecture, PKU library, community diagnosis and treatment, financial supermarket.
The destruction of shareholder value after the crisis has eclipsed the benefits of financial supermarket. There is indication of reduced wholesale trading activity, particularly in fixed income, currencies and commodities.
They consider UAE Exchange as a financial supermarket of sorts, where personalised customer service is quite endearing and professional.
Millions of customers turn to UAE Exchange for money transfer, foreign exchange, payroll solution and bill payments, which has transformed the remittance major into a financial supermarket of sorts.
They consider UAE Exchange a true financial supermarket. This penchant to bring the best to customers has won UAE Exchange many global awards alongside recognition as a universally trusted money transfer provider.
With more than 38 million customers and a network of more than 3,200 branches, including in the UK, Hong Kong and China, the bank is a financial supermarket in India having operations in a variety of sectors including asset management, venture capital, factoring, insurance, software development, housing finance, stock broking, financial services and consultancy.

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