financial position

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Financial position

The account status of a firm's or individual's assets, liabilities, and equity positions as reflected on its financial statement.
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Financial Position

The total assets, liabilities, and/or equity a person or company holds. This term especially applies to investment positions. See also: Long Position, Short Position.
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financial position

The state of and the relationships among the various financial data found on a firm's balance sheet. For example, a company with fairly valued and relatively liquid assets, combined with a small amount of debt compared to owner's equity, is generally described as being in a strong financial position. Also called financial condition.
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Under the corrected information, according to Apetit, the company's financial position is very strong.
The value of the rights of the bondholders rose to EGP 54.3bn, an increase of 18.3%, representing 55.4% from total liabilities in their financial position.
It asked that its shares be suspended from trading on the London Stock Exchange's junior AIM market while it carries out a full investigation into its true financial position. In addition, finance chief Chris Marsh has been suspended from his role.
([euro]' million) Q1 2018 Q1 2017 2017 Variation (*) Revenue 19.5 10.0 9.5 EBITDA 3.1 0.4 2.7 EBIT 2.3 -0.1 2.4 Profit (loss) for the period 1.7 -0.6 2.3 Net financial position (debt) 8.5 -23.
The report, signed by OIC supervising auditor Glorina Suson, covered the agency's which comprise the financial position as of Dec.
In a report to the trust's board, chief executive Dame Jackie Daniel said: "It is disappointing to see a further deterioration in our financial position just month two into the financial year, and this is due to slippage in delivery of our cost improvement programme."
'Pimentel affirmed his confidence in Dio's efforts to boost the beleaguered financial position of the SBMA.
The net financial position of non-financial corporations remained in negative territory in the third quarter of last year, rising from 215.4 per cent to 203.2 per cent, the central bank said.
"Several similar trusts are facing the same financial issues and we're working very hard to develop a range of plans that will improve the financial position.
"Only after this discussion, I will be able to tell you the exact financial position of the State," he stated saying he was confident the Center would realize and help the State.
SIB shareholder's equity of AED 4.4 billion represents 19.9 per cent of the total balance sheet footing reflecting the bank's strong capital base and strong financial position.

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