financial innovation

Financial innovation

Design of any new financial product, such as exotic currency options and swaps.

Financial Innovation

The creation of a new investment vehicle. For example, one may structure a derivative in a way that has never been done before. Financial innovation can increase efficiency and profits for certain parties. However, it often takes time for regulation to catch up to financial innovation, which can make it risky.

financial innovation

the development by FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS of new financial products and processes for the transmission of money and the lending and borrowing of funds, for example, telephone banking services, direct debit systems, credit cards, etc. These developments have augmented the traditional means of transmitting money (cash, cheques) and may have served to increase the velocity of circulation of money. They have also increased the availability of CREDIT and, by creating new ‘NEAR MONEY’ assets, have served to extend the liquidity base of the economy. This has tended to make the application of MONETARY POLICY by the authorities more complex.
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In 2017, it set up a cross-agency task force for financial innovation.
Financial innovation means creating new types of tools and financial contracts that allow people to eliminate unnecessary risk or to be more efficient and productive.
While many of the 2017 priorities remain relevant for 2018, ESMA also sets new priorities, notably in the areas of financial innovation and the UKs withdrawal from the EU.
It was recognised at the recent Financial Innovation Awards winning 'Best Fintech Partnership' alongside GFT.
With their combined efforts, these companies aim to drive financial innovation, provide a forum for the discussion of the future of technology and finance, and deliver social impact.
Experts evaluated legal framework and current trends in financial innovation revolving around the key theme of the conference.
Today, more than 80 per cent of Kenyans have, thanks to rapid financial innovation and evolution of mobile money, agency banking and other captive financial products.
Summary: Two initiatives will support financial innovation, investment in FinTech
Financial Innovation Now, a public policy coalition, has released a report titled, "Examining the Extensive Regulation of Financial Technologies," which details current state and federal regulatory compliance requirements for new marketplace innovators in financial services, the coalition said.
This special 'Innovation in Finance' issue of the Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation contains five articles offering contributions to knowledge in the fields of financing innovation and financial innovation in the capital market.
TSE: 6501) today announced that it has decided to establish Financial Innovation Laboratory, a FinTech(1) research organization in the Silicon Valley office of Hitachi's Global Center for Social Innovation - North America (CSI-NA) in Santa Clara, California.
The Washington-based coalition, dubbed Financial Innovation Now, is aimed at promoting tech-friendly legislation that have an impact on a number of its member companies' services -- such as Apple Pay and (http://www.

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