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Presentation of previously issued financial highlights is not required; however, if comparative financial highlights are presented, the presentation should be on a comparable basis.
Integra will report its 3Q12 operating and financial highlights on Monday (10 Dec).
(OSE: MIS) reports a continuation of its positive start to the financial year (its 30th year of operations in the Middle East) with results for the 2nd Quarter 2009, operating and financial highlights of which are as follows:* Revenue of $132.5 million in the second quarter was 62% ahead of the same period last year, reflecting progress on six New Build rigs in production during the quarter versus three at the same time last year.
Moreover, among elements missing are a company description, required by the SEC, as well as, for the second consecutive year, a financial highlights page up front.
The final output is provided in a presentation ready brochure, with self-generated cover page, table of contents and dividers for sections which include: "Executive Summary," "Cash Flow," "Financial Highlights," and "Graphs."
The 10 major sections found in summary annual reports are the financial highlights, the president's letter, a business review, a financial review, selected financial information, management's responsibility statement, the audit report, the income statement, the balance sheet, and a statement of changes in financial position.
Consolidated Financial Highlights (April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019)
The company is announcing the following financial highlights for the fourth quarter: Reduced net debt by approximately $230M and total debt by $150M based upon preliminary fourth quarter financial information.
Third quarter fiscal 2018 financial highlights included:
First quarter 2018 financial highlights for MainSource Financial Group, Inc.

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