financial highlights

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Financial Highlights

In a financial report, especially a publicly-traded company's report to shareholders, an overview or summary of the major occurrences in the company since the last report. The financial highlights may include major statistics and figures, such as net cash flow from operations, or it may include qualitative information on an acquisition or a new product. Government departments may also include financial highlights in their reports.

financial highlights

The section of a corporate report providing investors with an overview of the firm's performance during the period covered by the report. For example, a report's highlights may note a major acquisition made by the firm during the period and it may discuss the implications of the acquisition relative to future sales and corporate earnings.
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Integra will report its 3Q12 operating and financial highlights on Monday (10 Dec).
His letter to shareholders, which follows four pages of financial highlights, leads off: "I am gratified with most of what we have accomplished over the past three years as a public company.
Presentation of previously issued financial highlights on a comparable basis is permitted, but not required.
One, Financial Highlights of Separate Accounts: An Amendment to the Audit and Accounting Guide--Audits of Investment Companies, provides guidance on reporting financial highlights by separate accounts of insurance enterprises.
Each features financial highlights, all but one (Sonoco Products) with year-on-year percentage changes.
The provisions of the proposed SOP, Reporting Financial Highlights and Schedule of Investment by Nonregistered Investment Partnerships, an amendment to the Audit and Accounting Guide, Audits of Investment Companies, and SOP 95-2, would be effective for financial statements for fiscal years ending after Dec.

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