financial condition

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Financial Position

The total assets, liabilities, and/or equity a person or company holds. This term especially applies to investment positions. See also: Long Position, Short Position.

financial condition

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Such treatment will result from a restriction of assets (or commitment to restrict assets) in connection with a change in financial condition even if the assets remain available to satisfy the claims of general creditors (such as in the case of a transfer to a rabbi trust).
The cost or consequence of incomplete or untimely Y2K compliance if it represents a material event or uncertainty that is expected to affect future financial results or cause reported financial information not to be necessarily indicative of future operating results or financial condition.
This article describes a short test of financial condition that municipal finance officers can conduct for cities with populations under 100,000.
The financial condition component is supported by four numerically rated subcomponents: capital adequacy, asset quality, earnings, and liquidity.
In this regard, the SEC believes that the principle objective of MD&A disclosures is: "to give investors an opportunity to look at the registrant through the eyes of management by providing an historical and prospective analysis of the registrant's financial condition and results of operations, with particular emphasis on the registrant's prospects for the future.
Our judgment was that with the financial condition of both borrowers and lenders greatly improved, such action would not impede satisfactory economic growth but rather would help such growth to be sustained.
Ernst countered that Woods, as sole stockholder, chairman and chief executive officer, knew Western's exact financial condition and at no time relied on Ernst's audits in business dealings.

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