financial condition

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Financial Position

The total assets, liabilities, and/or equity a person or company holds. This term especially applies to investment positions. See also: Long Position, Short Position.
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financial condition

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CEOs' appraisal of current financial conditions was more optimistic quarter-over-quarter, both for their own institutions, increasing from 34.22 to 37.76, and for their members, increasing from 16.19 to 21.69, in the most recent survey.
The PPCA head was adamant that there would be no special requirements for the participants in the auction except a clear financial condition and transparency about their resources.
While s.523(a)(2)(A) of the Bankruptcy Code specifically excludes misrepresentations regarding a debtor's financial condition, the BAP observed that s.523(a)(2)(B) provides separately for such misrepresentations.
However, in regards to the financial condition of the bank, the shareholders resolved that once the Audited Financials are released in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, another EGM would be convened in order for further discussion to take place.
In a court filing Wednesday, the bank added that Otillar himself was responsible for investigating Dewey's financial condition and that Citibank had no fiduciary duty to reveal confidential information about the firm's finances.
The response of participants in the survey was generally neutral toward their present living status, and only 28 percent of them replied that their financial condition was better than last year, while 65 percent said their earnings were not sufficient compared to their living status.
However, according to the latest data about the financial condition, the budget deficit in the first five months exceeded 105 million euros, which is more than half of the projected 190 million euros for the entire year.
One of the main purposes of embracing an approach to financial condition analysis in local government is to provide elected officials, who possess the ultimate fiduciary responsibility of the organization, with information on a government's ability to meet its ongoing financial, service, and capital obligations based on the status of resource flow and stock as interpreted from annual financial statements (Rivenbark, Roenigk, and Allison, 2010).
When GAO placed USPS's financial condition and outlook on its High-Risk List, it identified the following key actions USPS and/or Congress could take: reduce employee compensation and benefits; consolidate retail and processing networks; consolidate administrative field structure; generate revenue through new or enhanced products; change funding requirements for retiree health benefits; and realign delivery services.
Its financial condition is expected to improve further, as the company will expand its business base without a heavy financial burden, although it has endeavored to expand the business through the M&A activities positively.
If the auditor uncovers any indicator of financial predicament, a financial condition risk assessment could be initiated (CAM 14-304).
However, as noted in the NAIC Reinsurance Task Force of the Financial Condition (E) Committee U.S.

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