financial asset

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Financial Asset

A non-physical asset. Examples of financial assets include bank accounts and shares in a publicly-traded company. Financial assets are distinguished from physical assets like real estate and personal property. In general, when one speaks of "investing" and the "market," one is referring to financial assets, though both those terms may include non-financial assets like corn or wheat.

financial asset

A financial claim on an asset that is usually documented by some type of legal representation. Examples include bonds and shares of stock but not tangible assets such as real estate or gold.
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We have been conducting education and awareness forums with view to sensitising holders on unclaimed financial assets regime.
Critique: A superbly organized and presented textbook, the newly revised and expanded fifth edition of "How To Do Financial Asset Investigations: A Practical Guide for Private Investigators, Collections Personnel and Asset Recovery Specialists" is an essential and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, professional, community, corporate, and academic library collections and supplemental studies lists.
In this case the key question is: did families who were eligible for a 401(k) in a given year have larger total financial asset balances than families who were not eligible, or, equivalently, did non-401(k) financial assets decline enough to offset the 401(k) contributions of eligible families?
Phase 1 addresses creating an FVO for financial assets and financial liabilities; and
The ownership of other financial assets, which include savings bonds and the cash value of life insurance, also grew.
According to Johnson, the major impact of the standard would be primarily on financial institutions, although other enterprises that often have large portfolios of receivables and other financial assets would also feel its impact.
9 billion over the previous quarter due to the higher increase in Indian residents' overseas financial assets as compared with foreign-owned assets in India.
The favourable capital market setting in the quarter under review brought distinct valuation gains to households in Germany, in addition to the transaction-related increase in financial assets; taken in isolation, these gains boosted financial assets by 53 billion.
Financial assets now account for 61 per cent of wealth, up from 55 per cent in 2004.
31 January 2011 - The financial assets of Finnish households grew by 2.
2 million) in financial assets, the third highest in Asia after Japan and Singapore, according to the "Global Wealth Report" published by the Allianz Group on Oct.

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