financial asset

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Financial Asset

A non-physical asset. Examples of financial assets include bank accounts and shares in a publicly-traded company. Financial assets are distinguished from physical assets like real estate and personal property. In general, when one speaks of "investing" and the "market," one is referring to financial assets, though both those terms may include non-financial assets like corn or wheat.
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financial asset

A financial claim on an asset that is usually documented by some type of legal representation. Examples include bonds and shares of stock but not tangible assets such as real estate or gold.
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''We have been conducting education and awareness forums with view to sensitising holders on unclaimed financial assets regime.
Critique: A superbly organized and presented textbook, the newly revised and expanded fifth edition of "How To Do Financial Asset Investigations: A Practical Guide for Private Investigators, Collections Personnel and Asset Recovery Specialists" is an essential and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, professional, community, corporate, and academic library collections and supplemental studies lists.
To the extent that these assets can be identified, Form 8938 will require disclosure of the name and address of the foreign financial institution, identification of the financial assets, and information regarding issuers and counterparties, if applicable.
As in earlier years, households' acquisition of financial assets, at around EUR52 billion in the first quarter of 2012, was much stronger than in the previous quarter (EUR33 billion).
Beginning with the 2011 income tax return, individual calendar-year taxpayers will be required to report certain foreign accounts and assets on new IRS Form 8938, Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets, which is attached to the annual return.
The regulations provide that such a qualified individual is not required to file Form 8938 unless the aggregate value of the specified foreign financial assets in which the individual has an interest exceeds $200,000 on the last day of the taxable year, or S 300,000 at any time during the taxable year.
According to the Accounting Standard Codification (ASC) topic 860-50, Servicing Assets and Liabilities, a servicing asset is "a contract to service financial assets under which the benefits of servicing are expected to more than adequately compensate the servicer for performing the servicing." By the same token, a servicing liability is defined similarly, only that the benefits of servicing are not expected to adequately compensate the servicer.
The remaining parts of the project deal, respectively, with the impairment methodology for financial assets and hedge accounting.
(2) enters into a forward contract (defined below) or futures contract (see Q 1074) to acquire the financial asset;
Back to the point: one of the more obvious diversification decisions of today is the balance between real and financial assets. Castlestone quotes the Harvard Endowment compositions from the early 1990s which demonstrate that their strategies have emigrated from a traditional diet of 'financial-only-assets, that is, cash, fixed income and bonds; to a trendy 21st-century, fast-thinking, active management style which mixed the traditional with private equity; alternative strategies as well as the 'real' world of commodities, properly and even art.
Second, do financial asset returns help predict economic activity over horizons from one month to five years?
This right should have been registered as a financial asset (in the category of "shares and other interests") owned by the State.

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