financial analyst

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Financial Analyst

A person who researches and reports on the state of securities. An analyst uses technical or fundamental signals to determine which securities are likely to be profitable, and which are not. Financial analysts help persons and organizations in making investment decisions. See also: CFA.

financial analyst

A person with expertise in evaluating financial investments. Financial analysts, who serve as investment advisers and portfolio managers, use their training and experience to investigate risk and return characteristics of securities. Also called analyst, securities analyst. See also chartered financial analyst.
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He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has 21 years of investment experience.
He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Chartered Investment Counselor and a member of the International Society of Financial Analysts.
Stuhlman has been a financial analyst with Market Line Associates for almost two years.
The seven qualities of a good financial analyst are listed below.
She began her career at the Board in 1992 as a senior financial analyst.
Financial analysts who successfully complete a series of three examinations receive the title of Chartered Financial Analyst.
The CFA Society of Los Angeles (CFALA) is an organization of more than 1900 financial professionals, most of whom have earned or are in the process of earning the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
He joined Kemper in 1987 as a financial analyst, playing a key role in the corporate finance department.
This article describes the PFS and the three other well-known PFP designations--the certified financial planner (CFP), the chartered financial consultant (ChFC) and the chartered financial analyst (CFA)--in terms of the education, experience and testing requirements for obtaining and maintaining each.
LOS ANGELES -- Members of the former Los Angeles Society of Financial Analysts voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution that changes the organization's name to the "CFA Society of Los Angeles (CFALA).
Conference Call with Financial Analysts and Investors to Be Webcast

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