financial analysis

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Financial analysis

Analysis of a company' financial statements, often by financial analysts.

Financial Analysis

Research into data relating to the stability and profitability of businesses, especially to guide one's investing practices. At its most basic, financial analysis involves looking at financial statements to determine if a company is healthy. Balance sheets are important to financial analysis as they provide a ready-made means of investigating performance. However, it is important to note that quantitative financial analysis has limits: the accounting methods a particular business employs, for example, may make it look more or less healthy than it really is. See also: Fundamental analysis.

financial analysis

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Contract award: assistance to the financial analysis of external agencies.
Chan has participated in a broad range of transactions throughout the New York metropolitan area, providing financial analysis to complex project management and tenant representation assignments.
A financial analysis reveals positive contribution margins for both the inpatient wound service and the hyperbaric service with creation of the new inpatient wound service line.
Much of the financial analysis performed today is flawed.
They'll want to see, in a polished and well-organized format: a cover sheet, table of contents, executive summary, organization plan, product or service information, market analysis, strategy, financial analysis, charts to support your market and financial analysis, and legal documents.
Eric Hugo, a member of the accounting team, was promoted to Staff Accountant, responsible for membership accounting, cash application and financial analysis.
Decisionpoint for Financial Analysis is designed for companies with smaller analytical user communities and limited purchasing budgets to perform complex, detailed financial analysis at a fraction of traditional reporting costs.
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The only insurance-oriented technology outpacing the transforming power of the Internet may be computer-based dynamic financial analysis, three insurance experts who are developing that field told insurers.
As a first step along the road to the ideal, the profession will probably merely supplement the traditional opinion on management's assertions--for example, with an independent financial analysis of the entity and early warnings of potential problems, communicated in most cases to the stakeholders' representatives.

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