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Finance company

A company whose business and primary function is to make loans to individuals, while not receiving deposits like a bank.

Consumer Finance Company

A non-bank lender. A consumer finance company does not receive deposits, but does make loans to customers for business or personal use. It derives its profits from the interest on these loans. It is also called simply a finance company.
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Smaller finance companies are likely to remain more willing to take advantage of the relaxed requirement, where they are eligible, as they pursue faster growth and attempt to be more competitive with the larger companies.
The Delaware bankruptcy court's ruling should help solidify the position of premium finance companies that these transactions will not be unwound as avoidable transfers.
The Law on Supervision of Finance Companies (Royal Decree No.
HH: In the past year we have welcomed three new input finance companies and are just adding two new equipment manufacturer programs in summer 2006.
Assuming that these obstacles are not insurmountable for the nursing home, banks and finance companies are the most obvious source of receivables financing.
Among the nondepository institutions, finance companies are the most commonly used, accounting for about one in ten of all financial institutions used.
Available from either banks or commercial finance companies, you borrow 70% to 80% of the value of eligible receivables.
With the substantial increase of China's automobile sales volume, the established concept of buying automobiles by loans, and the development of Chinese automobile finance companies, automobile finance companies have provided more and more loans to consumers year by year.
The Prevail Network is an efficient Web-based marketplace of quality premium finance companies designed to give agents the best total financing experience possible for quick and easy premium financing.
captive finance companies have historically had higher exposure to these segments, with on average over half of their assets composed of trucks and SUVs,' said John Bella, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings.
A portion of the financing for the transaction was provided by a subsidiary of CharterMac (AMEX:CHC), one of the nation's leading full service real estate finance companies.

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