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Google Cache is a useful way of locating web sites when filenames or server names have changed.
Hutmil can also change file extensions and filename case for all kinds of files.
Antigen File Filtering (AFF) enables you to filter an e-mail attachment by filename, with wildcards, and by file type.
A few examples of RPM's custom processing support include using specific filenames for a monitor program and passing job information for a form-generating program.
SearchServer 4.0 enables users to store web-base information, using a URL as a filename, and has now been enhanced to allow administrators to access and edit information via a browser.
The solid models must now be exported to 3-D surface files (usually IGES format) and revision tracking must now be done externally either on the file-system level using a standard filename nomenclature or by using the headers inside the actual surface files.
BACKUP filename.big A: will copy the file "filename.big" onto as many 1.44 floppies as it takes.
For ease of use, accept the filename provided by the software program, in this case, "0196tta.pdf."
* Creating an XML file with an associated file name (through the filename input parameter) and loading the XML contents into memory, provided that the file exists physically on disk;
Word saves the backup files with a WBK filename extension.
SearchWin enhances and extends the ability of Windows based computer users to find and manipulate information without using ancient DOS filename or wildcard parameters.
If run on a Windows 9x system, the attached file, called zipped_files.exe, will copy itself to the Windows System directory with the filename Explore.exe.