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Prof Jim Miles, who found the yellowing letters in a cabinet, said: "It is a mystery why they had been filed away. No one knew they even existed."
I have no idea, and it's filed away with similar reports under "Things Unknown" in my study ...
"Instead the report was filed away. There may be good reasons why no such action was taken.
This financial statement should not just be filed away in the electronic file cabinet.
Just when it seemed the 26-year-old was destined to be filed away in the flop folder, he hit a hot streak that heralded four goals in six Premier League games.
THEY came down the hill in a sombre mood Packed shoulder to shoulder as they often would There was little talk as they filed away Down to the Haymarket on a Saturday It seemed the Toon had lost again They were too proud to show their pain Into the pubs they went together As after every match despite the weather All ninety minutes were discussed with passion Despite a match with so little action Who was man of the match?
Then songs and chatter will be filed away, and in situ moments like these reduced to reminiscences, dragged up only to make a point about loss.
The crash has been filed away as one of those for me.
I have a picture filed away somewhere, him and his comrades, all handsome and rugged in their uniforms.
Sadly, the 1994 world champs hadn't read the script, and the Scots Secretary's words of triumph were filed away unused after Scotland's 2-1 Paris loss.
My leather shorts were never filed away - just not worn on hot days.