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Rana (1991) studied the biology and taxonomic status of little Indian field mouse, Mus booduga, in four districts of Punjab, covering both croplands and con-crop areas.
Radio-collars were placed on individuals (n = 77) of three small rodent species: striped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius, Pallus, 1788, n = 26), Korean field mouse (Apodemus peninsulae, Thomas, 1907, n = 25), and Korean red-backed vole (Myodes regulus, Thomas, 1907, n = 26) (Table 1).
McDonald's say they believe it was a field mouse which entered through an open door.
Other residential rodents were all negative for hantavirus, including 16 Chinese hamsters (Cricetulus griseus) and 1 striped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius).
But the whiff was found to be coming from a dead field mouse found under a photocopier.
The striped field mouse has a dark stripe running down its back.
Many of these are written as imaginaries from the perspectives of his children (five years and fourteen months old when their mother died), a kind companion, an opportunistic "helper," the forensic official, a field mouse, and the cliff itself.
LINDLEY: Monday January 13: A white stone angel garden statue and a field mouse ornament in grey were stolen from a garden.
Inasmuch as the pine vole (another type of field mouse) tunnels beneath the soils surface, the use of a "sand pan'' discourages their efforts.
A PATIENT was bitten by a rat in hospital...though health chiefs claimed it was "a field mouse".
Dead field mouse cradled in the leather-interior palm