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Abbreviation for the Incoterm Free Alongside Ship.
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Free Alongside Ship

In maritime, international commerce, an agreement between a buyer (importer) and a seller (exporter) in which the seller is responsible for the transportation and risk of the good until it is within reach of the ship's crane, at which point the buyer assumes responsibility for both. That is, the seller does not bear the expense or risk of actually loading the good onto the ship. The buyer is responsible for clearing the good through customs in both the home country and the country of delivery.
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But, unlike the highly aberrant personality that we label "insane," the victims of fetal alcohol syndrome are widespread.
Cognitive deficits in nonretarded adults with fetal alcohol syndrome. Journal of Learning Disabilities 30(6):685-693, 1997.
The term "fetal alcohol syndrome" first appeared in a 1973 article in the British medical journal Lancet by Kenneth Lyons Jones and David W.
Costs for care of individuals affected by fetal alcohol syndrome in the U.S.
Some specific subjects covered include non-invasive neuroimaging in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and mental health disorders comorbid with fetal alcohol syndrome. Other topics examined include attentional lapses due to alcohol influence, driving and flying with a hangover, executive function and social cognition in alcoholism, Korsakoff syndrome, and alcohol and HIV infection.
The fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) has huge social and economic implications for South African society.
Prenatal exposure to drugs/alcohol; characteristics and educational implications of fetal alcohol syndrome and cocaine/polydrug effects, 2d ed.
Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) results from maternal alcohol use during pregnancy and carries lifelong consequences.
Congress needs to do more to combat the rising number of women who continue to drink while pregnant, according to the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS).
The most serious consequence of maternal drinking during pregnancy is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).
Fetal alcohol syndrome was first described in France in the late 1960s and in the United States a few years later.

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