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Poor Sara fell flat on the floor, it was so embarrassing for her.
These, by Marie Laurencin and Suzanne Valadon, fell flat on their faces in a room designed as an overture of dazzling innovation to the supposed symphony that followed.
During her audition, she fell flat on her face, so I had a lot of convincing to do.
An effort by a small Religious Right group to circulate rumors that First Lady and Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is a lesbian fell flat in September after the national news media declined to pick up the story.
But the business plans fell flat and there are now thousands of unwanted birds in the state.
In between skating at the Games, Amee said she's had her share of injuries, from a sprained ankle to the time she fell flat on her nose.
One Halloween, I was trick-or-treating without a flashlight, walking across a yard, I felt my foot slip into a hole and fell flat on my face onto slimy, wet grass
The program opener, Good Vibes, fell flat in its attempt to blend postmodern movement with theatrical gimmicks.
He tried to be jokey but it fell flat as a pancake.
On a per-share basis, the numbers fell flat with last year's earnings for the same quarter, but topped analysts' estimates for earnings of 65 cents per share.