FAX machine

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FAX (Facsimile) machine

a machine capable of transmitting a copy of a document over a telephone link.
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Fax machines are doing what regular mail used to: creating an overwhelming paper trail of important documents, junk mail and unsolicited advertisements.
Everyone is going to have fax mailboxes, just like we have voice mailboxes," says Maury Kauffman, managing partner of the Kauffman Group, a Cherry Hill, N.
The fax tool of choice these days is the fax modem, a device that combines the features of a fax machine and a modem.
Thanks to overflow capabilities, companies do not need to over-invest in high-capacity fax boards to account for potential high peaks in demand; instead they can rely on Esker Fax on Demand, a scalable hosted fax service, to supplement capacity during those periods, with pay-as-you go pricing.
In addition to producing a crisp, clear document on paper that doesn't curl up or fade (as does thermal paper), plain-paper machines can lower overall fax costs.
Interstar, which had been in the market for four years and had close ties to Cisco, was totally in control of the IP fax market," per the Davidson Consulting fax-industry research firm.
More robust and reliable core fax server - Numerous updates and improvements include VSI FAX client and core server enhancements, and a new modem architecture layout.
Venali customers have always enjoyed the benefits of Fax over Internet, such as secure and reliable transmission, lower costs, and the ability to electronically archive documents.
FaxPress Premier takes our fax solution to an entirely new level and, most importantly, addresses the needs of customers looking for enterprise-level capabilities," said Scott McDonald, President and CEO of Castelle.
Tallmadge, OH 44278 (216) 633-5734 Fax (216) 633-6367
It offers an advanced level of network fax capabilities including integrated file storage, embedded email gateways and a secure web interface.
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