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Ultimately, the Government could stop the bonuses but Osborne is the politician who needs the fat-cat bankers more than anyone else.
According to Mr Butler, those who defended fat-cat salaries by arguing they were a small slice of a company's overall profit, were feeding the complacency at the core of the problem.
He claimed fat-cat banks could cream an extra EUR300million off cash-strapped families by increasing rates.
NEVER mind fat-cat bosses, what about fat-cat lawyers?
And it is in stark contrast with other fat-cat deals such as the 135 per cent increase pocketed by Sainsbury's chief executive Dino Adriano.
THE greed of fat-cat bosses is as wrong as it is objectionable.
Angry Scottish Pride workers were yesterday trying to stop their fat-cat boss creaming off pounds 400,000.
TWO fat-cat rail chiefs pocketed pounds 1.8million between them last year, despite the fact their customers face crippling strike action by staff.