far month

Far month

Used in the context of option or futures to refer to the trading month of the contract that is farthest away. Antithesis of nearest month.

Far Month

Among several different futures contracts or options, describing the one with the longest maturity. For example, given three futures contracts, one expiring in March, one in June, and one in September, the far month futures contract is the one expiring in September.

far month

In futures and options, the longest settlement or expiration month of a currently traded contract.
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In the CBOE futures, narrowing spreads in the near and far month contracts also indicates falling volatility.
The gold for expiry in the month of December fell by Rs 49 to Rs 29,338 per 10 gram at the Multi Commodity Exchange where as the metal for expiry in the far month of February was trading at Rs 29,458 in early market hours.
I always switch back to my command trigger release well before hunting season, but my nerves remain steady far months.

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