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A stock or group of stocks that is the first to move in a market upsurge or downturn.


The stocks with the highest trading volume over a given period of time. Leadership may give an indication of future market movements. That is, a large amount of interest in certain stocks may mean that the market will continue to be interested in them. Leadership may be either good or bad for the market. For example, poor leadership may result from too much speculation, while solid leadership comes from sustainable investing practices. It is also called market leadership.


An active stock that tends to lead the general market in price movements. For example, strength and activity may have made a stock a leader in a recent upward market movement.
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Both TCG and Fairlead are fully engaged with neighborhood associations, Central Atlanta Progress, Invest Atlanta, and the City of Atlanta in an effort to engage with the community to co-invest in areas of growth and improvement.
As was mentioned above, the condition for such design operation is that the piston rotates in fairlead bush cylinder block with equal to driving shift frequency.
ProVantage 3600-S: 50' of 3/16" lightweight, easy-to-handle synthetic rope with attractive double powder-coated hawse fairlead.
Bridge and Fairlead recognized the strategic opportunity to combine forces and take advantage of the enormous current potential in the commercial office sector of the US real estate market.
The BRON 250 also comes with an open ROPS canopy, dual reel carrier, hinged ROPS fairleads and slider chute.
The location of the fairleads on the ships in relation to the positions of the bollards on the berth can lead to wide mooring line angles in the vertical plane ([alpha]), see Fig.
Aker Solutions will provide movable Pusnes chain jack mooring systems and hull-mounted Pusnes fairleads for the spread-moored
These replicas have steel masts and synthetic fairleads.
Combat Vehicles; Machine Tools; Manufacturing Technology; Metal Work; Shipbuilding; Tactical Vehicles--Trucks; Workstations; Wire Rope Blocks; Snatch Blocks; Sheaves; Fairleads
With the cable installed, we started tightening up the fairleads and re-installing the guide pins we had removed earlier.
For these and any other through-hull fitting (such as for tiller ropes of a rudder) epoxy in lengths of smooth plastic tubing to serve as thimbles or fairleads to keep rope from chafing.