Fair game

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Fair game

An investment prospect that has a zero risk premium.

Fair Game

1. An investment without a risk premium. That is, fair game describes an investment without a higher return for more risk accepted. Thus, an investor may take on higher risk without the possibility of higher return. Risk-averse investors tend to avoid these investments.

2. See: Zero-sum game.
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Although set in Iraq, Fair Game was filmed mostly in Jordan due to filming restrictions and difficulties in the war-torn area.
A bad date, great sex, a family feud, just about everything was fair game.
Wheeldon won't be tampering too much with the signature white swan and black swan pas de deux, although he claims that the second act is fair game in terms of altering the order of the primary dance passages.
Any computer-related issues (hardware or software) affecting the profession are fair game here.
The reporter relayed the message that Karl Rove says "your wife's fair game.
With Block Party Bracelets, as long as it fits on your wrist, it's fair game, Want to win one of 10?
As many rush into the premises with no protection at all, it's no wonder they are fair game for villains.
Every time my fuel and insurance costs go up, I become fair game for the railways," says Bichler.
Since 11 September 2001, they stated, `in some parts of the world it has become fair game to target Muslims'.
Italian courts have ruled any Argentine state property is fair game, including airplanes that touch down on Italian soil or cargo that passes through Italian ports.
Kennewick Man's bones are thus fair game for scientific study.
The supermodel, supercelebrity whose 1995 action flick Fair Game flopped at US box offices, has returned to the movies in the romance The SimianLine.