FAX machine

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FAX (Facsimile) machine

a machine capable of transmitting a copy of a document over a telephone link.
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The concern raised by the IRS concerning computations of agreed adjustments taking too long would be corrected by having face-to-face discussions and resolving any discrepancies at that time and by making more extensive use of the facsimile machine when Weyerhaeuser and the IRS cannot meet.
He then used a facsimile machine in the hotel to send the edited version to his office, which then mailed the final product by overnight courier to the client in Des Moines, Iowa.
The FAX105 is the only commercial facsimile machine offering 11-inch wide output.
Photocells, amplifiers, transmission lines, modulators, miniature circuitry, computer software and microprocessors have brought us the facsimile machines that today are so important a part of office operation and the general business marketplace.
to exemplify the many time-saving and unique functions that can be offered by a Group 3 digital facsimile machine, the following capabilities of a representative terminal, the Xerox Telecopier 495, are listed:
Contract notice: Copying and facsimile machines or supplies, photocopying and facsimile machines and sewing machine plockmatic 88 non-warranty repair services.
The delivery will include hiring facsimile machines digital printing for the years 2017-2021 and the provision of related services.