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FAX (Facsimile) machine

a machine capable of transmitting a copy of a document over a telephone link.
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With respect to use of a facsimile machine, the FCC has clarified that "the entity or entities on whose behalf facsimiles are transmitted are ultimately liable for compliance with the rule banning unsolicited facsimile advertisements, and that fax broadcasters are not liable for compliance with this rule." In the Matter of Rules & Regulations Implementing the Tel.
Still, other courts have accepted arguments attacking statutory standing, reasoning that only the owner of the facsimile machine that received the transmission has standing.
The device can also secure faxes when connected to a facsimile machine with a serial data port.
* Hundreds of pages of bogus messages clogged the Command and Control Center's facsimile machine.
A story often told at professional gatherings is about the accounting firm that decided a few years ago not to install a facsimile machine because it considered it a useless high-tech gadget--until one day a major client asked the firm's managing partner for his fax number.
The company claims "It's good to talk" but Malvern Hills District Council which wants a pay-phone moved to make way for the sculpture on a pavement in Malvern Link says it has been asked to send information through a facsimile machine.
We use it to send messages across the state or across the country using the facsimile machine (Just FAX It!).
More recently, the facsimile machine and the computer modem have added new dimensions to business communications.
Digital technology has replaced Bain's slow, analog approach, and the ubiquitous facsimile machine is found in almost every commercial establishment, be it the corner gas station or the neighborhood 7-11 Store.
This freedom generally would involve the individual's using his own equipment, e.g., computer, facsimile machine, and printer--all of which would strengthen the individual's independent contractor status.
Examples of this may include control and use of pool vehicles at the precinct, standby scheduling for callout of public information officers, or procedures for maintaining accountability of facsimile machine use.
Default calls will be directed to a stand-alone device such as an answering machine or facsimile machine. The Ring-Back version of RemoteControl adds security to a host computer system by making the modem invisible to callers that do not know about the "one-ring" signal.