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In 90 patients, dyes spread outside facet joints during treatment.
Coronal positioning of the facet joints at L5 level and facet tropism may lead to pars fractures due to overload with repetitive sagittal movements.
The present study has shown that LDH patients displayed more muscle activities in the majority of the seventeen main muscle groups in the spinal region, greater compressive forces and anteroposterior shear forces acting on the five lumbar motion segment units, and more facet interventions in the majority of the ten lumbar facet joints. The compensatory response of kinetics in LDH patients played a rather negative role in maintaining the spinal stability and further led to the development of disc herniation.
A randomized controlled study by Vernon and Mior, where patients with cervicogenic headaches underwent neurotomy of C2-C6 facet joints versus sham procedure, showed that patients undergoing the procedure had an increased incidence of immediate side effects, notably, worsening tenderness and neck pain [14].
A conclusive diagnosis cannot rely solely on radiology: anamnesis and laboratory findings stand as cornerstones of the preoperative diagnosis: for example, in our case, there was no history of previous malignancies, coagulation disorders, or infections and laboratory findings did not disclose relevant findings, and preoperative MRI (Figure 1) demonstrated the facet joint integrity.
They concluded that facet joint sagittalization (decreasing convergence of the facet joints in the axial plane) from 52.7 to 67.1[degrees] can lead to subsequent development of anterolisthesis with concomitant adjacent instability [29].
Previous reports, which utilized bipolar RFTC for synovial joints such as the sacroiliac joint and the thoracic facet joint, provide evidence that this technique is a more effective mode of treatment.[sup][8],[9],[10] An ex vivo study utilizing porcine spinal tissue samples confirmed that heating the two electrodes simultaneously appeared to coagulate a wider area and potentially achieved better results in less time.[sup][11] Based on these findings, we hypothesized that bipolar RFTC will be more efficacious than PIRFT in generating effective RF lesions and decreasing nociceptive input in discogenic LBP patients.
Because their study population included both middle-aged and elderly patients, this provides evidence that symptomatic disc space narrowing and facet OA may have different age distributions, and supports the concept that LBP-related findings transition from the disc to the facet joints with age (Figure 11).
Cervical spine infection in the setting of dental procedures or oral infections has been described in the literature, but only three other reports have involved the facet joints. We present a case of a cervical facet joint infection with epidural abscess secondary to a dental infection in a diabetic orthopaedic surgeon.
(3,11) Intra-articular meniscoids have been found in the majority (86%) of the cervical spine facet joints. (12) Previous literature has described three types of synovial folds that include type I, which are adipose tissue and crescent shaped, type II which are elliptical shaped and project into the facet joint and type III which are made of fibrous tissue and are ragged shaped.
A Facet joint syndrome (FJS) is inflammation of the facet joints.