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Part of the dynamic adjustment shown in this simulation is due to the incorporation of extrapolative expectations in the model.
This narrative also presents an extrapolative picture of the future coal industry.
Recognizing the role of extrapolative expectations in asset pricing will make monetary and macroprudential policy both more robust and more complex.
43) Apart from the extrapolative models considered here, there are two other types of mortality forecasting model: process-based models, which examine the biomedical processes that lead to death, and explanatory or causal models, which use information on factors that are believed to influence mortality rates such as cohort (i.
The concept of non-traditional security cannot simply be extrapolative.
When the doctor challenges the assumption of extinct species, his comments have an extrapolative force.
As a result, the framework of REH is much more appealing than other expectation formation mechanisms such as extrapolative or adaptive expectations.
The current sense of vertigo is partly a product of the extrapolative pessimism that followed the financial crisis.
Milton Dawes, a reader of the newsletter and ambassador-at-large to the General Semantics Institute, responded to that comment, triggering a chain of extrapolative thought.
2), the apparently suitable areas in northern Canada and Greenland are highly extrapolative and should not be considered as suitable for establishment.
Non Extrapolative Methods in Business Forecasting, Westport, CT: Quorum Books.
The first such characteristic is related to its extrapolative nature: IA seeks to illuminate the unknown based on what is known (Heuer, 1999).