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In addition, the number of intracranial lesions was positively correlated with the presence of extracranial lesions ( P < 0.001, correlation coefficient = 0.268).
Primary extracranial meningioma presenting as a cheek mass.
Only 3% had increased Intima media thickness of more than one without stenosis in the extracranial internal carotid artery.
Building upon this concept, other cases of extracranial GBM metastases in recipients of donors of solid organ with previously treated GBM have been described [8, 11-13].
Importantly, these extracranial lesions could potentially be mistaken for a benign or trauma-related mass resulting in diagnostic delay.
Consequently, MRI and MRV assumed an increasingly important role in detection of extracranial venous abnormalities, augmenting or replacing DS imaging in spite of their higher cost.
Specific invasion of the skull base is exquisitely rare for primary GS, with three prior cases appearing in the literature [7-9], two of which involved both the skull base and either the surrounding parenchyma or extracranial soft tissue [8, 9].
Extracranial and intracranial morphometric parameters were investigated (Figs.
Although aspirin lowered the risk of nonfatal myocardial infarction (heart attack) and transient ischemic attacks, it led to a significant excess risk for extracranial hemorrhage, with patients requiring transfusions or hospitalization.
A case series of 14 renal and extra renal rhabdoid tumours in children found that 7 died within 4 months of diagnosis.[sup.2] Of the 106 children diagnosed in the UK with extracranial rhabdoid tumours, 1-year survival was only 31%.[sup.3]
Extracranial meningioma accounts for less than two percent of meningiomas [4].

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