extra dividend

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Extra Dividend

A temporary increase in a firm's dividends beyond the normal level.

Special Dividend

A non-recurring dividend that a company may choose to distribute to shareholders after a particularly profitable period. A company may also choose to distribute special dividends if it wishes to restructure its financing from equity-based to debt-based. In general, however, one may think of a special dividend as a "bonus" for shareholders in good times. It is also called an extra dividend or a bonus dividend.

extra dividend

A nonrecurring additional payment to stockholders that is brought about by special circumstances. An extra dividend may be issued when a firm in a cyclical industry has an especially profitable period and wishes to distribute some extra funds to its stockholders. Also called extra, special dividend.
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The company's charter granted nonvoting shares a yearly minimum dividend equal to 7% of par value and an extra dividend (in excess of that of the voting shares) equal to 2% of par.
1, it was decided to pay 964 million kroons, or 6.99 kroons per share, in extra dividends. The dividends will be paid on Oct.
Although Patricia Barker, a principal dancer with Pacific Northwest Ballet, didn't have the opportunity to dance Clara until her teens, she got an extra dividend. Not only did she play the older Clara in the dream sequence of the version by PNB Artistic Director Kent Stowell, but she also won the same role in the 1986 film of the ballet, Nutcracker: The Motion Picture, which has sets by master illustrator Maurice Sendak.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 8, 2019-Sampo to distribute extra dividend in the form of Nordea shares
Services net sales totaled EUR 1,869 million (EUR 2,007 million) or EUR 1,840 million (EUR 1,869 million) excluding PAS.EBITA before non-recurring items EUR 347 million and 11.7 percent of net sales (EUR 460 million and 12.6%), or EUR 356 million and 12.2 percent (EUR 426 million and 12.7%) excluding PAS.Strong free cash flow of EUR 341 million (EUR 204 million).Divestment of the Process Automation Systems business resulted in a gain of EUR 252 million.Earnings per share EUR 2.95 (EUR 1.25).Strong balance sheet with gearing of 10.6 percent (45.6%).The Board will propose to the AGM a dividend of EUR 1.05 (EUR 1.05 and extra dividend of EUR 0.40).
Payment of the extra dividend would improve the government's budget balance by 518 million kroons.
She won the Irish Laurels and Waterford Masters with Sonic Flight, the St Leger with Extra Dividend, the Puppy Derby with Prince Of Tinrah, a second Masters last year with Rummy Lad and a host of other valuable competitions.
The 8 yen will include an extra dividend of 3 yen in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of its founding.
In sum, when members of the real estate industry hire Herrick, Feinstein, they find that excellent legal service comes with an important extra dividend. Herrick, Feinstein's clients also acquire invaluable business relationships and are afforded new business opportunities.
Upping the basic state pension and allowing an extra dividend for those who are older would release pensioners from the mither and indignity of form filling, means testing and feeling as if they were scroungers in an economy they've paid for umpteen times over.
An extra dividend in the Milwaukee performance was the appearance of theater-wise artistic director Thompson as the dishonest waiter, a role originally performed by Tudor.