extended coverage

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Extended Coverage Endorsement

An optional addition to a Standard Fire Policy that provides coverage for additional and more uncommon risks. Covered events include riots, explosions, airplane damage and so forth. One pays an additional premium for the extended coverage endorsement.
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extended coverage

Insurance that covers specific risks not covered in a normal policy.
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However, reporter Kevin Sack wrote an article in the December 15 issue of the New York Times that the lifetime payment proposal has "run into opposition from dialysis providers, drug companies and the National Kidney Foundation, over the method that would be used to pay for the extended coverage.
THE BBC's coverage of Glastonbury has been excellent, with extended coverage of rock groups like Bloc Party, Kasabian, and Franz Ferdinand, who were simply superb.
Now expanded with 20 new readings, the third edition includes new sections on perceptual content and animal minds, new subsections on robotics and the "extended mind" thesis, and updated and extended coverage of intentionality and other topics throughout the text.
The extended coverage is not available to horse owners or trainers in either the standard bred or thoroughbred industries.
Of especial interest is the extended coverage on both sides of sensitive debates as to whether to ban peanuts and tree nuts from schools or public places, whether it's beneficial or harmful for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers to avoid common allergen foods.
NZNO's claims principles include pay parity with district health board nurses, progression of a professional development and recognition programme, and extended coverage.
Dear Editor Your Coverage of last years local council elections featured extended coverage of how former Councillor Susana McCorry had lost her seat to a 23-year-old Conservative, Coun Robert Alden.
The Wireless USB hub provides four USB ports and features dual internal antennas inside a slim enclosure, as well as PHY capabilities, developed by Wisair, for extended coverage.
RACING WORLD will start early at 4pm tomorrow for extended coverage of the US Thanksgiving holiday programme.
BOXING: European super-featherweight champion Alex Arthur aims to find inspiration from the extended coverage of his third title defence.
So, sad to see no extended coverage of Simon Charlton's 70-yarder for Oldham against Gillingham apart from The Championship round-up.
"Additional part-time staff is being considered to minimize the financial impact of having to pay for extended coverage previously provided by exempted employees.

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