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The Government seems to believe that leaving the EU equals leaving the EEA, but Article 127 of the EEA Agreement is clear: any country wishing to leave the EEA must give express notice of one year.
92 of GD 925/2006, as amended and supplemented, pursuant to an express notice of the bidder.
But any intelligent Irishman will say a simulacrum of Home Rule, with an express notice that it is never to come into operation.
Gossip" of the Daily Sketch and "The Dragoman" of the Daily Express notice Patrick and Constance, and they are accepted as BYP.
If the registered holder of the fee simple interest were to have had express notice of the prior unregistered mortgage, then he would have taken the fee simple subject to that prior interest.
However, where the holder of the registered interest had express notice of a prior unregistered interest, Davie CJ revived the doctrine of notice by importing the equitable understanding of fraud--to defeat a prior interest of which one had express notice was to commit fraud.
However, other passages in the ruling suggest that to defeat a prior unregistered interest of which the registered purchaser had express notice would not always amount to fraud.
Employers are entitled to dismiss employees in accordance with the express notice provisions set out in the contract of employment.
Putting the applicant on express notice of a costs application if an offer is refused is a sound move only in circumstances where there are very good grounds to believe such an application might succeed.
92 of GD 925/2006, as amended and supplemented, under an express notice to the bidder.
Carter was dismissed suddenly, along with most of the other non-editorial personnel in the Arlington office, who received Federal Express notices and papers to sign in order to receive their severance benefits.