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Despite repeated claims, our exports to China are not growing and a strained relationship with India continues to mar the prospects of exporting more to that country.
Moreover, they argued that exporting brings in higher revenues.
Cavusgil and Zou (1994)) pointed out that the exporting firm's performance can be measured by its marketing strategies and her ability to apply them.
For example, export workshops and seminars, trade missions, marketing assistance for exporting new product, overseas promotion of the firms' products, assistance in establishing contact with the foreign buyers and establishing sales and display centres abroad, providing market information, are usually designed for initial exporters to develop their foreign markets.
The SBA's Guide to Exporting ( addresses many of the issues entrepreneurs will face when doing business abroad.
The group sought a fair trade label for its cocoa output and started exporting under fair trade standards by 1997.
7) Do seek advice from people who are experienced and knowledgeable in getting into exporting.
In the early 1980s, American International Group began underwriting export credit insurance, concentrating on Fortune 1000 and middle-market companies with strong, established credit procedures and a proven track record of exporting. They effectively underwrote the expertise and track record of the exporter--or insured--offering a high level of discretionary authority.
While the identification of Crm1p as the protein used by Rev for exporting HIV's RNA represents a major advance in the nuclear export field, several key questions concerning Crm1p remain unsettled.
The court of federal claims agreed with IBM's assertion that insurance policies were vital to the exporting of the goods.
As a financial executive, you know that the economic risks of exporting can seriously affect your bottom line.
Exporting can alter the business relationship with suppliers because of differing standards for raw materials in the foreign marketplace, lead time for delivery of goods and credit terms.