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A good produced in one country and sold to a customer in another country. Exports bring money into the producing country; for that reason, many economists believe that a nation's proper balance of trade means more exports are sold than imports bought. Exports may be difficult to sell in some countries, as the importers may put up various protectionist measures such as import quotas and tariffs. Most governments seek to promote exports, while they have differing positions on imports. See also: Free trade, NAFTA.
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A good or service that is produced in one country and then sold to and consumed in another country. Because many companies are heavily dependent on exports for sales, any factors such as government policies or exchange rates that affect exports can have significant impact on corporate profits. Compare import. See also balance of trade.
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  1. a good which is produced in the home country and which is then physically transported to, and sold in, an overseas market earning foreign exchange for the home country (visible export).
  2. a service which is provided for foreigners either in the home country (for example visits by tourists) or overseas (for example banking, insurance) which likewise generates foreign exchange for the home country (invisible export).
  3. capital which is placed abroad in the form of portfolio investment, foreign direct investment in physical assets, and banking deposits (capital export). See FOREIGN INVESTMENT.


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Fig. 68 Export. (a) UK goods and services exports, 2003.

(b) Geographical distribution of UK goods/services exports, 2003. Source: UK Balance of Payments, ONS, 2004.


a good, service or capital asset that is sold to foreign countries. (i) A good that is produced in the home country and is then physically transported to, and sold in, an overseas market, earning foreign exchange for the home country, is called a visible export. (ii) A service that is provided for foreigners either in the home country (for example, visits by tourists) or overseas (for example, banking, insurance) which likewise generates foreign exchange for the home country is called an invisible export. (iii) Capital that is placed abroad in the form of portfolio investment, foreign direct investment in physical assets and banking deposits is called a capital export. Exports are important in two main respects:
  1. together with IMPORTS they make up a country's BALANCE OF PAYMENTS - a country must export in order to finance (‘pay for’ in foreign currency terms) its imports. The combined net payment figures (exports minus imports) for (i), (ii) and (iii) are shown in Fig. 13 (a), BALANCE OF PAYMENTS entry.
  2. they represent an ‘injection’ into the CIRCULAR FLOW OF NATIONAL INCOME, serving to raise real income and output. In 2003, exports accounted for 20% of gross final expenditure (GFE) on domestically produced output (GFE minus imports = GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT). See Fig. 133 (b) , NATIONAL INCOME ACCOUNTS entry Fig. 68 gives details of the product composition and geographical distribution of UK (merchandise) goods exports in 2003. See Fig. 84 , for comparable import data (IMPORT entry). See INTERNATIONAL TRADE, EXPORT MULTIPLIER, C.I.F. ( COST- INSURANCE-FREIGHT), F.O.B. ( FREE-ONBOARD), CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, INSURANCE, FACTORING, FORFAITING, EXPORT SUBSIDY, EXPORT RESTRAINT AGREEMENT, FOREIGN INVESTMENT, EXCHANGE RATE, EXCHANGE RATE EXPOSURE, TERMS OF TRADE.
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In 2016, Indonesia exported $900 million worth of agri goods and imported a measly $7.3 million.
Likewise, bed wear exports from the country during the first two-months of current financial year, registered an increase of 5.28 percent as compared the exports of the corresponding period of last financial year.
Accordingly, January-November provisional merchandise (only) exports this year topped $10.108 Bn, rising by 7.5% from 2013 January-November exports.
Arab states acquired the largest share in the value of exports during the first half of 2014, valued at $5bn, followed by European Union countries valued at $3.5bn, the United States valued at $605m, Africa (not including Arab countries) valued at $576m, while the rest of the countries combined valued at $2.1bn.
These sectors are highly cyclical, and this can be seen when we look at exports in transportation equipment, machinery, and metals over time.
Engineer Sa'ed Al Awadi, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Exports said, "The year 2012 saw our efforts in promoting exports and re-exports going past various milestones, regionally and internationally.
Saed Al Awadi, chief executive officer of Dubai Exports, said the growth in exports was enabled through diversification of products and opening of business channels in new markets.
* behavioral control strategy, export sales organization design, export manager characteristics, export manager behavioral attributes (Katsikea and Skarmeas (2003)) and;
Electric fans worth of US$ 28.8 million exported during the period from July-June, 2018-19 as compared to exports of $ 26.3 million in same period last year, according to latest data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.
Our annual export earnings of seafood and meat also remain below $700m.
As per PBS data, Pakistan's textile exports declined by 15.0% YoY during Jun- 2019 to US$1.01bn, compared to US$1.19bn in the same month last year.
This was followed by China, wherein Pakistan exported goods worth $1850.640 million against the exports of $1752.822 million last year, showing growth of 5.58 percent.

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